The Maybe Baby And The Two Week Wait

It is that time again…. the dreaded two week wait. The fun part of ttc is behind us (or at least the peak days are, we are newlyweds after all) and now we wait. I keep noticing little things that my very hopeful mind keeps translating into signs of pregnancy but I am trying to tut tut myself and keep a level head about it. I’m excited but I am also pretty butterfly tummied about the whole thing. 

Mr. White has cheered me up with a little friend from childhood. I am soooo obsessed with the Labyrinth and have been since I was tiny and having my very own Firey doll is pretty much the bee’s very knees. His head, arms, and legs come off and I love him. I am tempted to order a second as I’m sure maybe baby would love to play with him and I am not so sure I will be willing to share. I love the idea of introducing my little one to my favorite movie with a special lovee to cuddle.

(Does anyone else see the scary face in the curtain?)

We are also distracting ourselves by redoing the bathroom. Mr. White painted today and I love it! We’ve gone from a very light grey to a Behr Marquee color called Warm Onyx. It looks quite dark almost black (which I like) but it has a warm bronze undertone in the light. We just switched all of the towel racks and such to lovely rubbed bronze to match the faucets my husband loves so much. We replaced this terrible 1960’s light fixture that somehow involved 6 bulbs and no actual light to this one that seems positively blinding in comparison but is much subdued by the dark walls. I need to lower that mirror as half the household are under 5’2″ and sort out new curtains. My bestie Katie bought me a lovely sewing machine and I think my first project should be bathroom curtains which I’m sure Katie could teach me to make without going to mad. I suppose I might eventually tidy the counters as well…
We have also become quite obsessed with British quiz shows. My father’s mother and many of my aunts and uncles are from York and although I haven’t gotten to visit the old country, I am a pretty big Anglophile. If I can end my day with a cup of tea and Noel Fielding I am pretty pleased indeed. If you’ve never seen Countdown, I’m not sure what you’ve been doing with your life. I know that I should be getting lots of rest but here I am at midnight and I’ve just used all of my feminine wiles to convince Mr. White that we should have just one more episode while Byron the bull and I devour blueberries. 

Is it the 27th yet? I’m not sure there are enough blueberries or diy projects or quiz shows and there are 13 days left. Fingers crossed. Toes crossed. Eyes crossed. 


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