Happy Birthday To Me

Here I am at 32. I have a pretty magical life and several many adventures ahead of me. I’m so grateful for all of the amazing gifts life has given me. I have amazingly supportive family and friends who have gotten me through the hard parts. 31 was a pretty crazy year and I can’t wait to see what 32 will bring.

I’m not much for birthdays really. I don’t like to be the center of attention or to be fussed over and I’m such an introvert that I have to schedule a day of rest for myself after all of the socializing they tend to involve. Mr. White has done a pretty awesome job of balancing his love of parties and surprises with what he knows would make me happy and comfortable. He has arranged several small gatherings instead of one big one and given me plenty of time to rest or just be with him in between. 

Friday we both had appointments to have our eyes tested and spent the afternoon puttering around the mall waiting for his new glasses to be ready (my eyes are terrible I won’t have my new glasses and contacts until the 12th 😭). We ate pretzels and held hands and stole kisses in the hallways like teenagers. We balanced out our teenager afternoon with a trip to our favorite antique store where we spent a few hours searching for treasures. We like to play this game to see who can find the most nightmare inducing item. When we got home some of our friends were there to surprise me with a little birthday get together. We drank pomegranate cider and ate pizza and the adorable chubby goth mermaid cake my friend Angie made from scratch. We made bath bombs and played silly games and stuck balloons to Byron. It was low key and delightful.

Saturday Mr. White had to go out to the shop with the boys to work on the hearse so I stayed home and did the washing up after the party, napped, and took a nice long bath with one of my bath bombs. I soaked in the quiet and recovered from a late night and a long day of shopping. We spent the evening watching Star Trek with our best friends Katie and Matt while Katie and Loony made me yet another cake. I am so spoiled. 

Today is my actual birthday and we celebrated by sleeping until 10 and then having lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant with my family. Mr. White and I go to the Dragon Cafe whenever we can sneak away for a date. We are obsessed with this dish called Crispy Fish and endless pots of god hot tea. I don’t hang out with my family very often and it was nice to catch up. 

We escaped lunch to check out a new indoor farmers market near our house to pick up some veggies for dinner. My husband is king of the grill. He made the most delicious salmon with lemon and dill plus a fresh salad, green beans, and yummy buttery fingerling potatoes. Katie and Matt us and my brother and sister in law and niece and nephew joined us. Katie and Loony debuted their beautiful blueberry and lemon curd layer cake which was absolutely delicious and so thoughtful. Being a wicked stepmother is a pretty rewarding experience sometimes. I am so happy and sleepy. I’m especially glad to spend the rest of my night snuggling with my puppy and my husband. 

A beautiful birthday weekend. 


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